Some of my Projects

Thebigword IMS Direct

TheBigWord IMS Direct Project

Code Focus

The Code Focus Project

ABN Amro Banchmarktool

A simple "bot like" application to allow ABN Amro clients to check online their benchmark.
The application was developed by two developers: one backend and one frontend.
When startign project we used .NET Core 1.0beta and ended with .NET Core 1.1 in the final application vesrion.

Thebigword TMS

TheBigWord TMS Project

MartinBros ERP & B2B

ERP & B2B Java Enterprise Applications for Martin Bros. Distributing - one of the leading independent food distributors in the Midwest.

Java EE full stack applications running on Glassfish application server, using MSSQL and MySQL data sources through JPA (Eclipselink).
Rich set of technologies used to build the client web pages: JSP, Java Server Pages (+ Primefaces), jQuery, DataTables and KnockoutJS.

AAN Concussion Quick Check

Hybrid Mobile Application build with Apache Cordova for American Academy of Neurology.
It is an app to help athletes, parents, trainers and coaches rapidly determine whether somebody has concussion and needs to see a doctor.

ASP.NET Tiny Security Providers

Build status

ASP.NET Tiny Security Providers is a free, open source, pack of tiny ASP.NET Membership, Role and Profile providers.
The goal of this project is to provide custom implementation of ASP.NET providers against tiny data storages (XML, SQL Compact etc.).

Native support and usage by all ASP.NET membership controls;
Supports all password formats: Clear, Encrypted and Hashed;

Tiny Security Providers best fit for sites with a small number of authenticated users and hosted without database access.
It is not recommended to use the providers with "heavy-duty" membership sites (a lot of roles, users and big number of members), because of the tiny data storages.

VisualStudio JavaScript & CSS Outlining

Build status

Visual Studio editor extension for JavaScript & CSS code blocks and custom regions outlining.
As a web developer, I found myself dealing with fast growing JavaScript and CSS code files.
I really missed Visual Studio code regions, which is a nice way to organize the code blocks and focus on reasonable small amount of code.
There are some macros available out on the web for placing a regions outlining in JavaScript code editor.
I was not fully satisfied with macros and the fact I have to manually run them (even with a shortcut keys) every time a JavaScript file is loaded.
Thus, I spent some time and came out with a Visual Studio 2010 Editor Extension for JavaScript & CSS Oulining.

Articles of interest: editor extension points, walkthrough: outlining.


Content management system build on ASP.NET 4.0 Web Forms and Web Controls with custom control tree render.
NoSQL by default, it is using a file storage system (XML) to keep and manage the website content, but based on provider pattern can switch to any other data storage.
Flexible and extendable component centric architecture, making possible to add and manage any custom content.

ASP.NET Google Map Control

Wraps Google Maps API as ASP.NET custom script control.
Offers an easy and fast way of adding Google Maps API support on your ASP.NET pages.

ASP.NET XML Providers

ASP.NET XML Providers (XmlRoleProvider, XmlMembershipProvider and XmlProfileProvider) is an evolution pack of articles and code samples,
improved to provide membership provider implementation against a tiny NoSQL (XML) storage.

.NET Data Access

Build status

.NET Framework 2.0 ORM implementation.

Based on providers architecture, it has a powerful built-in object fetching with properties and methods mapping, including BuildProvider for building strong type from a given database schema.
Here is the list of already implemented providers: MSSQL Provider, Oracle Provider, Firebird Provider, MySQL Provider, OLE DB Provider, ODBC Provider.